iPhone5 leather sleeve from Mujjo is coming

We've got new iPhone for my fiancee. After she used it for a couple of days I started looking for different accessories, cases, screen protectors, etc. And eventually I landed to the mujjo.com start page. It was love at first sight. I liked the entire idea. I liked the way it is presented. I liked the simplicity in design of products they sell.

Mujjo looks inspiring to me. It's probably the right way to produce and defenitely it's the right way to sell. They make you love product before you actually get it. Thanks to high quality pics on all the pages. It is important to show how the product looks, how it fits the device. Also I really liked their story and what they did to prepare their new building. Amazing work!

So I just liked Mujjo as a concept, as the idea and a great success. I ordered white leather sleeve for my fiancee to make a little surprise for her. I'm still waiting the delivery and hopefully it will arrive this week.

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  • John on July 12, 2013 at 02:45
    Did you get it? I'm still waiting for mine.

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