About Vladimir Kosinets

I am a creator of websites for pretty different needs from simple home pages to advanced web systems which are in the same time totally simple and usable for the visitors. My front-end work and server-side development share the same principle: both should be done using the up-to-date technologies having in mind current trends in the web. It helps me pretty much to make a good product and gives me satisfaction from my job.

About this site

First and foremost, this site was created to share myself to the community. It's also my personal playground, a place to experiment in design, code, usability, SEO techniques and so on.

This site is powered by Zend Framework for server-side and jQuery library for front-end scripting. Also it uses several microformats to better define the content provided.

For hosting, the site runs on Media Temple.


All the graphics and illustrations for my freelance projects were done by Dmitri Okunev from the DOK IM. He is good in graphics and has strong experience in user interface design.

Social icons for this website were taken from icondock.com.

Hire me

I'm available as an independent contractor and will take a part in your project with a great pleasure (for reasonable reward, of course). Also you can propose me full-time job in Ukraine or outside it. Feel free to contact me and we'll decide what to do next.

Pricing policy

My rate for web development and design services is $20/hr. It applies to any project I work on.